Suzanne Nixon  -  Ed.D.LPC LMFT

     "Ms. Kroesen conducts her business, Radiant Health Therapies, with professionalism and integrity.  She is a skilled and talented massage therapist and practitioner of the healing arts.  Extensively trained in the field of touch therapies, she holds certifications in several bodywork modalities.  With respect and confidence in her work, I have referred clients to her.  In the case of cross-referrals, I have witnessed the benefits of her work with my clients.  She has a keen ability to listen to the client and their health concerns and with skill apply the bodywork modalities that help facilitate the client’s healing."

Laura K. Kulbuski

     "Before being treated by Smiling, I viewed massage therapy as a rare luxury for special occasions or for those with severe muscle pain.  I have been a marathon runner for years and initially visited Smiling with lower back pain and serious IT band pain.  I have been a client for over 5 years and have found that my sessions have helped me achieve more of a balanced life style.  I now view massage as a preventive medicine and have been able to keep stress and anxiety levels low with consistent massage.  Smiling has also introduced me to craniosacral therapy which has allowed me to achieve extreme relaxation and a deep feeling of well-being.  I have not experienced this level of knowledge and touch by anyone else in this profession."

Ong Kar Khalsa

     "I feel that Smiling’s treatments are definitely the best preventive health care that I could do to keep myself healthy.  I always feel tremendously relaxed, all the body pain melts away and I feel much more energy after a session.  I’m skeptical that I’ll ever find anyone as good." 

Julie Staples, PhD

     "I have had bodywork.massage with at least a dozen practitioners over the years and I can say Smiling is the BEST!  Her skill at working on both physical energetic levels is phenomenal.  She is always tuned in, sensitive and caring.  She is true healer."  - 

Maureen MacFadden

     "Smiling Kroesen is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to.  She performs incredible deep muscle work, which I needed for my tight muscles due to the running and exercises I do.  I broke my foot last year and she was very knowledgeable regarding how to work around the break and to release the tightened muscles and tendons of my foot once the cast was off."

Lourdes Venes

     "Smiling’s therapeutic treatment was very helpful in controlling my back pain.  I appreciated that she really cared about my condition, so she could customize the treatment in order to provide the greatest relief and benefit to my well-being.  Smiling is very professional and kind."

Amy Shinal

     "Smiling is fabulous!  The combination of massage and energy work makes the session particularly healing.  I will truly miss her."

Donna Gray

     "Since I started with Smiling years ago, she has always exceeded my expectations.  I came to her most recently with plantar facisitis, and pain in my calves.  She educated me in ways no one else came close to, doctors included.  Because of her knowledge of the body and her healing, deep-tissue massage I have gotten better faster than anyone predicted."

Elizabeth Latora

     "I have the pleasure of being a client of Smiling Kroesen for the past 10 years.  She has been, by far, one of the best health professionals I have ever worked with.  She has helped me numerous times with muscular issues from minor aches and pains to severely strained/sprained muscles and ligaments due to over exertion on my part and also general stress reduction and relaxation.  Following the massage, she gives recommendations to increase the healing in specific problem areas."

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