Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep therapeutic techniques that release long-standing muscle spasm, flush toxins and waste products from the tissues, restoring muscle-tone, increasing range of motion to all the joints, bringing about a better body balance and alignment.  Very effective and long lasting.

Pregnancy Massage

A wonderful experience for the mother-to-be.  A very nurturing and soothing experience.  This massage melts away the tension, aches and pains of troublesome areas, like the lower back, legs and feet.  Comfortably supported by lots of pillows, relaxation is so deep many fall asleep by the end of the session.

Swedish Massage

A light relaxing massage, soothing with long relaxing strokes, energizing kneading of the muscles and gentle rocking.  Chronic problem areas are released and the body is rejuvenated.  Essential oils add the healing element of aroma to the session.


The ancient science of foot massage.  What the ancients know is that all the nerves end in the hands and the feet, thus the foot, as a whole, and especially the bottom of the foot is an excellent place to stimulate "reflexes" that send a current of healing energy to the corresponding organ or body area.  All areas of the foot and lower leg are worked making this session wonderfully relaxing and also a great tune-up for the body as a whole.


Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Bio-dynamic Craniosacral Therapy works with the body’s expression of the deepest level of health and the body’s own ability to heal.  This expression of health is a template of energy, called the Breath of Life, that is present from birth to death.  When this template is fully expressed, the body is radiantly healthy and energy is abundant.  As life is experienced, anything from birth trauma, accidents of any kind, surgeries, dental work or even emotional stress can inhibit this energetic template and then pain and symptoms can result.  These symptoms can manifest as headaches, sinus problems, nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, pain in any part of the body, fatigue, an inability to concentrate, or a general lack of well being.

Bio-dynamic Craniosacral Therapy works with this subtle level of primary energy.  With very gentle touch, the therapist will help the body reveal many deep levels of blockage, which can be released through the body’s own innate ability to heal itself.  This healing can be expressed in many ways, spontaneous movement in the tissues, release of tension in the organs, emotional issues processed, very deep relaxation, and a renewal of the system as a whole, promoting better function.

Clients coming for only craniosacral sessions, can remain dressed with loose comfortable clothes.  In these sessions the body may be touched in a number of different locations with a very light pressure and sometimes dialogue is used to help focus the clients experience.  Craniosacral therapy can be combined in a massage session as well.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy incorporates both energetic touch, deeper physical touch, dialogue, polarity exercises, and dietary awareness.  Working from the ancient Eastern understanding of finer energy fields that form a matrix for the physical structure, techniques in polarity therapy are utilized to opened blocked areas, release stress, and balance energy flow in the body, thus promoting increased health, vitality, and self awareness.

 R A D I A N T   H E A L T H   T H E R A P I E S