R A D I A N T  H E A L T H  T H E R A P I E S

      Massage by Smiling Kaur Kroesen in Bend, Oregon


Welcome to Radiant Health Therapies. I am offering a wide variety of body work and energy modalities to effect greater relaxation and healing.The physical body has many energy layers which affect the health and feeling of well-being of the individual.  In my practice I use many levels of touch to promote the best possible outcome for the client’s needs and their request for the session.  From a relaxing Swedish massage to more theraputic deep muscle release techniques, reflexology to deeply penetrating, but subtle craniosacral work, to polarity therapy which incorporates chakra balancing and energy healing.  Each session can be complete in self or part of a series to achieve a specific results.  Evaluating in the first session we take the time to find out what the client needs and a history of the client’s body experiences, accidents, and operations then determine what will be the most beneficial to the overall healing.  As an example, the client might need deep work on the shoulder but more soothing work in other areas, or reflexology to stimulate the nervous system combined with a very light massage.  As a whole this mind, body, spirit approach has an ability to soothe and heal the body, bring the emotions into a peaceful balance, promote calmness and a centered state to the mind resulting in being more relaxed and present in everyday life.


  • Excellent for special conditions, sciatica, sinus problems, and trauma.

  • Improves posture and body balance.

  • Improves breathing capacity, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, promotes deep release of  toxic wastes of the body’s metabolism and toxins from the environment.

  • Calms the nervous system, releases hypertonicity from the central nervous system.

  • Restores refreshing sleep, by relaxing the body on all levels.

  • Aides digestion and releases stress-related symptoms in the digestive and elimination systems.
  • Relieves muscle spasm, excellent therapy for chronic low-back pain, shoulder and neck tension.

  • Relieves joint pain by reducing muscle tension and promoting circulations to the joints.

  • Helps relieve headaches.

  • Supports the body’s natural healing facility, to balance and heal itself the symptoms that come from stress.

  • Increases concentration and mental alertness.

  • Increases general vitality and felling of well-being.